How This Works

1. Select the type of contest you would like to enter. The options are daily (one or 2 day contest), seasonal (traditional season-long contest) or daily seasonal (our new game that is a season-long contest but allows contestants to change their lineup every week according to salary cap).

2. Then a list of current contests will be displayed. Choose your contest (free contests or money contests) and select play (this does not enter you in the contest, but allows you to select your lineup and review your contest).

3. Next, set your lineup (you are allowed to change your lineup as much as you want, but it will be locked at the start of your first game time).

4.Select enter and your entry in the contest will be complete (at this time your account will be charged).

5. You may also create your own seasonal contests or go head to head against another player.

6. Have fun! Any questions or comments please drop us a message at

Team Daily Fandemic.